Frequently Asked Questions

YES, as Free Members earn money from their own clicks and for each of their referral's clicks on the standard ads. Upgraded members earn more and this is the suggested way to earn money, the referrals for the upgraded members earn much more than the free members' referrals, and it is worth having them.

There are no restrictions on the withdrawal, you can withdraw as much as you earn.

Autopay is a way to extend your referrals automatically. If you enable Autopay, on the first click a referral makes per day - you will get debited and you will keep this referral for an extra day. If the referral does not click - you pay nothing for another day. 

Autopay also make the whole renting idea cheaper as you save 5% of a whole month's rent. While using Autopay money for referral extending will be taken from your purchase balance.

The renewal price is based on the rental prices shown above and you can benefit from the following discounts depending on the renewal period you choose:


30 days 60 days 90 days 180 days 250 days 365 days
   2%   5%    10% 15%    20%    25%

Rented referrals and Autopay price:

Referrals Monthly AutoPay
 $0.15 $0.0045
 $0.16 $0.0048
 $0.17 $0.0051
 $0.18 $0.0054
 $0.19 $0.0057
 $0.20 $0.0060
 $0.21 $0.0063
 Over 1750     
 $0.22 $0.0066


No, you do not have to invest in order to get paid.